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How I started blogging and where it’s leading me?

  This website is a collection of my thoughts, experiences and helpful contents that I have always wanted to share with the public. It is a good mixture of the social issues in India, travelled spots, my own life experiences, history interconnecting science and spiritualism and advice on healthy lifestyle. I started to develop an interest in writing when I wanted to express my emotions to myself. I was frustrated by male dominance and gender inequality in India. My first article was ” The dreams of an Indian woman” which describes all the social issues encountered by women in India shattering their precious dreams into pieces. I didn’t have the urge to develop my blog with more articles until recent times. I am a fresh graduate looking for a job. This period of time has been hard and frustrating during which I resumed blogging. The gradual growth of my website is healing me, turning this activity into a hobby. I write here with passion and pleasure to publish my ideas that could create an impact on people’s lives. I am looking forward to improvising my site as best as possible with all your support. I am open to writing guest articles for blogs/websites. You can check out my previous work from the links at the bottom. 

Enjoy reading the blog, feel free to add your comments as they are always welcome and never forget to click on the follow button beside.   🙂 

My sincere thanks to my blog visitors for taking your time to read my blog and following them. I hope you really enjoyed the content, agreed to my opinions and liked them. If your views are contradictory leave your comments below in the comments section. 

Guest articles:



About myself:-

I am an Indian citizen born and brought up in Tamilnadu (Indian State).I finished my basic school education in India in five different places. Later on, I went to Malaysia to pursue to my undergraduation in Monash University. I am a great listener to people, traveller and a cook. Blogging is my part-time recreational work that i have initiated recently.

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